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About Well-Prepared Productions

Well-Prepared Productions focuses on film production. We write, direct, edit, co-produce and help distribute our own projects, creating an exclusive digital catalogue in the process while retaining the rights for all of our movies. After W-PP will build a solid foundation for itself, we will look for new, exciting filmmakers and help produce their projects.

W-PP will bring forth new and exciting visions in unique and stimulating ways. We wish to change the landscape of cinema while cultivating its future visionaries. 

The goal of W-PP is to become the production company most associated with original and groundbreaking movies.  Our first objective  is to have the company’s first feature film, Proprium, produced by the year 2020. Afterwards we’ll take on projects on a progressively larger scale.


At the heart of W-PP lies the constant, never ending strive for originality.

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